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Intermediate Level

Level 9 - More Realism

Lets make some realistic game assets. Dont worry you dont need to be an artist to use the sculpting workflow.

The Veikk A15 


Price - probably the best in terms of quality and price.

Great response rate

Good size drawing area

Easy to install

Battery free pen


windows and Mac only I beleieve

Level 10 - Hard Surface Modelling

Now it's time to revisit Hard Surface Modelling like we did with the chess piece but getting a bit toughter. You will work through building this cool rocket.

Sculpting Workflow

A complete guide to a sculpting workflow. For the reasonably confident blender user

Sculpting Workflow

Further practice with guidance on the sculpting workflow for creating game assets

Create a Pillar

More for the photorealistic rather than stylised but follows a similar workflow. Less artistic


General tutorials