Graphics Tablets

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Graphics Tablets

Buyers Guide

It's important to use a graphics tablet for any sculpting or hand drawn textures. It's extremely difficult without it. Here are my recommendations:

how to get your graphics tablet to work for sculpting and texture painting in Blender


My top choice is Wacom. Opposite are two excellent graphics tablets for around the 50 dollar mark. Wacom is a well respected brand and therefore has a lot less problems when it comes to being compatible with your system.


Xp Pen Deco Pro:

probably the best graphics tablet i have used but fairly pricey. I might even prefer this to the Wacom tablets. See my full review by clicking the link opposite.

Cheapest Display Tablet 

Xp Pen Artist Pro:

probably the best diplay tablet i have used from the cheaper range not as good as the cintique but getting close but a huge amount cheaper.