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This is a graphics tablet I can definately recomend. We use very similar ones in our college and they are excellent.

-Good pressure sensitivity

-Handy programmable buttons

-Good size drawing area

-Dont have to plug the pen in

Beginners Starting point

Level 1

Test Your skills

Feeling confident?

Try these excercises to keep working on your skills and improving.

You'll have a go at modelling different shapes. Then I will go through how I made them so you can learn the different skills I use.

Level 3

Level 4

Could be useful

The mirror tool is vital but so is using it properly:)

Level 5

This is a course for complete beginners.

There are 6 videos in total and you finish by making the low poly car as seen in the picture and creating a simple animation.

Adding and Editing Shapes

Adding Colour

Rendering - (Exporting as an image)



This is the next course which will hoprfully take you a bit further along in your journey. The first video looks at how to work from background images.

There are 4 videos in total and you finish by making this tank and making it ready for exporting to other game engines.




Click the icon for download link

Level 2

In this next course you will learn about smooth and flat shading and how to give your models more realisim. You'll also learn about modifiers. and realistic reflections.


there are 4 videos in this one and you'll make a realistic chess piece by the end of it.

subdivision surface modifier 

Make a chess piece

Realistic reflections

In this course you'll practice and develop your skills and learn some new tools like solidify, bevel, colouring and texturing and loads more.


The main thing is to practice.



Finish your island by learning boolean operations and lighting skills

So you have got this far time for a bit of a challenge. Try and make a low poly animal to go into your low poly scenes. It's a tough one and will push your skills. 


Dont panic if it does n't work try the next tutorial which is on a similar level.



Level 5

Making the water, the water tower and colouring using new tools and developing our skills

Still on the same level but good to practice. Try out this low poly person.

Could be useful

When you have finished you might want to change the background in photoshop

Now for some Theory

Now you have the basics down it's a good idea to learn some theory about how to make 3d models. Here are a couple of videos that can help

The modelling process

All the different stages to modelling explained. sculpting, hard surface modelling, retopology, rigging...

How to get good

What you need to learn and where to learn it. with good websites and skills that are worth gaining and practicing.

You can trace around background images- perfect for non artists

PBR Physically Based Rendering texturing is a must so learn how to set it up here

6 excellent sites for free PBR texture packs